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Being Present

We may never have this exact moment again. Yes, we will probably be able to do this again in the extent of our lives. But this exact moment is fleeting, as all moments are.  Let’s spend this one together.  If we live in the past or future, we could miss out on the freedom and peace in the now.

Morocan Oil vs Argan Oil

I did a post about Argan Oil plus Moringa Oil and thebrookcook asked me about the differences between Moroccanoil and Argan Oil. That small 0.5 fl oz bottle of oil from CHI lasted me about a month and I can see dramatic differences in my hair.  People have been asking me if I got a hair cut or colored my hair.  I did neither!  My hair just looks different.  It is healthier and shinier.  I can tell that it is less static-y, which is one of the main reasons I wanted to start using a product in my hair.  I haven’t gotten my hair cut in 8 months, gasp!  I think it may be time for a trim.