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Mantras Mantras Mantras

I recently attended a pop-up yoga class with Dr. Ariele Foster to benefit the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.  Her class had a deep focus on the benefits of using mantras in your practice.  We listened to music during our flow that had a number of repetitive mantras that we sang/chanted/murmured/yelled out loud in this hour and half practice.  It was an uplifting and energizing class that brings me to introduce to you the power of the mantra. We listened to several tracks from MC Yogi‘s new album: Mantras Beats & Meditations.  One of the repetitive mantras throughout the album is this: “Only love is real.” So simple.  That’s the beauty of a mantra.  It can a phrase, or even a single word, that you repeat.  It give you focus.  Another strong mantra that I like is: “Breathe.” Yeah.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself to breathe.


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