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It’s okay to be broken

I read an article by Patia Braithwaite about personal growth and acceptance.  There were a few long quotes within her article that really moved me. She says that it’s okay to not know exactly where you’re headed next in life.  There will always be a reason to stop and catch your breath.  It’s okay to be present with what’s broken in your life. “I’m perpetually split open by the expansiveness of life, but no one ever told me it was okay to be broken. No one told me that sometimes crying is the best way to proceed. No one gives us permission to keep asking big questions: How can we move closer to one another in a world that moves so fast? Centrifugal force can make hermits of us all. They don’t tell us the biggest truth: If we’re not broken open by all the beauty and pain that surrounds us, we’re probably not living most fully. There will always be a reason to stop and catch your breath. There is always something of which …


I’ve been getting headaches and migraines.  My neurologist wanted me to go on more medications that will help me with the headaches and the migraines. She wrote the prescriptions and was about to send me out the door.  Wait a minute.  Can I try something else?  Is there something that I could be doing or not doing?  Something that I could be missing that could be causing these headaches? That’s when she asked about my diet and sleep patterns.  Now we’re talking.