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Focus on the emotions, not the words.

When a storm is brewing, there is little that I can do to redirect the energy. It overwhelms me and encompasses me. The words flow out of me at an uncontrollable rate.  Once the flood gates are open,  there’s very little that I can do to slow or stop them. What is my body telling you? My words sound full of hate and anger, but what does my body tell you? Does my body shake with hatred or quiver with fear?  Does my face tell you that I’m angry or do you see the pain?  Can you see the emotions that are trying to find where they belong? Where do I put these? They are much bigger than me. Where do I put these?

Arising Emotions

Whether you are meditating in your quiet  space, or just released back to the mat out of a heart opener– emotions inevitably will show up in your practice some time or another.   It’s very common for deep feelings to arise during contemplative practice.  It’s what you decide to do with those feelings that can allow you to experience growth and understanding in you practice. According to Trista Thorp, of, emotions that arise during meditation typically represent one of two things: undigested past negative emotions that are rising up to be processed, or a present-moment experience of raw emotion from something happening now, which can me positive or negative