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I’ve been getting headaches and migraines.  My neurologist wanted me to go on more medications that will help me with the headaches and the migraines. She wrote the prescriptions and was about to send me out the door.  Wait a minute.  Can I try something else?  Is there something that I could be doing or not doing?  Something that I could be missing that could be causing these headaches? That’s when she asked about my diet and sleep patterns.  Now we’re talking.

P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I have a problem.   It’s a P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter problem.  It’s so delicious, I can’t stop eating it.  I want it all over my body.  Okay, well maybe I just want to eat it. P28 has a link on their page for Menu Ideas.  I decided to check it out, hungry for new ways to use my new drug, healthy spread.  That’s when I found the lovely words: P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies.   I even had all the ingredients on hand except the coconut sugar!  I have not used coconut sugar before, but I’m a big fan of it now!