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With Every Inhale

With every inhale: lengthen.  With ever exhale, twist. With every inhale, draw in the world around you.  With every exhale, draw yourself inward. Twist. Wring out the excess. What are you holding onto that is no longer beneficial in your life?  Exhale, breath it out.  Wring out the excess.

Root & Remedy Juice: True Food Kitchen

After my post about detoxifying foods, I had to try one of the nearby restaurant’s juice blends. The juice is called Root & Remedy and it contains beets, carrot, ginger, turmeric, & honey lemonade.  Now, it’s got 5 out of the 6 ingredients listed there were on my previous post: beets, carrot, turmeric, honey, lemon.  Although I did not list ginger as one of  the top detoxifying foods, it does have a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties.  So this drink is definitely a winner! I don’t have a juicer at home, so I won’t be able to replicate this on my own.  But I do have a powerful blender, so I might be able to slip more veggies into my smoothies/shakes. I actually enjoyed the turmeric flavor in the juice.  I was most worried about this ingredient.  But it gave it a little bit of a savory taste, just barely noticeable.  I think that I could see myself cooking with turmeric more and sneaking it into my shakes.  I will have to experiment …