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Being Present

We may never have this exact moment again. Yes, we will probably be able to do this again in the extent of our lives. But this exact moment is fleeting, as all moments are.  Let’s spend this one together.  If we live in the past or future, we could miss out on the freedom and peace in the now.

Music for your Meditation

In my previous post, Meditation for Fidgety Soul, I spoke about what types of meditation pair well with music.  Similar to what types of cheese pair well with a nice Merlot? We talked about Intention-base Meditation and Energized Body-Mind Meditation being the best type of practice to practice to music.  When you’re focusing on a future desired state or energized after an amazing yoga flow. Charlie Knoles, our meditation expert, reminds us that we must also set an intention when we are practicing.  He also reminds us that the goal of our practice is to get so clear on what you want that it absolutely has to happen.  You need to be very calm, but also very focused.