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Focus on the emotions, not the words.

When a storm is brewing, there is little that I can do to redirect the energy. It overwhelms me and encompasses me. The words flow out of me at an uncontrollable rate.  Once the flood gates are open,  there’s very little that I can do to slow or stop them. What is my body telling you? My words sound full of hate and anger, but what does my body tell you? Does my body shake with hatred or quiver with fear?  Does my face tell you that I’m angry or do you see the pain?  Can you see the emotions that are trying to find where they belong? Where do I put these? They are much bigger than me. Where do I put these?

What is Yoga and Why do I practice Yoga?

Yoga is a reason.  It’s a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to fuel my body in a healthy way.  It’s a reason to continue my fight.  It’s a reason to breathe. Yoga is breath. It’s the inhale and the exhale that allows me to get through each day, through each trying situation.  I can feel it with me when my alarm goes off in the morning, and when I’m standing in the shower.  I can feel yoga on my morning commute and into the office.  It’s in lungs and in my shoulders as I sit at my desk.  I feel it in my back and my hamstrings after an 8+ hour day at my desk.  I feel it in the back of my eyes, after staring at a computer screen all day. I go to my mat because it is my reason for breathing. My mat holds me.  It allows me to release my breath that I’ve been holding all day.  From the moment my alarm went off to the …