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Turkey Meatloaf

Ground meat pressed into the shape of a loaf, ugh.  I know. But it’s an easy meal that you can flavor in a hundred different ways, so that you don’t get tired of it.   I knew that I wanted to make my meatloaf (even the word makes me cringe) out of chicken or turkey.

Stuffed Acorn Squash

This year we started new Christmas traditions!  My brother & sister-in-law just built a new house that is large enough to accommodate the whole family, so my parents & younger brother came up to join us this year for the holidays.  What a relief to not have to drive to both sets of parents, like I usually do.  Mom asked me to make a hearty veggie side dish to complement the traditional turkey, since she knew that I would probably not be having any turkey. I decided to try to recreate a wild rice stuffed acorn squash recipe that I had invented last Thanksgiving, but had not written down the recipe.  I encountered some issues at the grocery store because I wasn’t able to go shopping until the last minute and had slim pickings, so I had to get some green acorn squash which are much larger in addition to my smaller acorn squash.