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With Every Inhale

With every inhale: lengthen.  With ever exhale, twist.

With every inhale, draw in the world around you.  With every exhale, draw yourself inward.


Wring out the excess.

What are you holding onto that is no longer beneficial in your life?  Exhale, breath it out.  Wring out the excess.

Parivrtta Utkatasana

“Parivrtta” — meaning “revolved”

“Utkata” — meaning “powerful” or “fierce”

“Asana” — meaning “pose”

From chair pose:

  1. Inhale, lower your arms and bring your palms together at heart center.
  2. Exhaling, twist your torso to the right. Bring your left elbow to the outside of your right thigh.
  3. Shift your left hip back slightly, squaring off your hips once again. Press your knees into alignment.
  4. Press your upper left arm against your thigh and draw your right shoulder blade into your back to turn your chest to the right.
  5. To deepen the pose, extend both arms, reaching your right fingertips to the sky and your left fingertips to the mat. You can also place your left hand on a block.
  6. Turn your gaze to the sky. If your arms are extended, gaze at your top thumb.
  7. Bring your hips down even lower. Lengthen your spine even further on your inhalations and twist even deeper on your exhalations. Stack your top shoulder above your bottom shoulder. Draw your thumbs to your heart, and your heart toward your thumbs.
  8. Keep your weight in your heels and keep your feet pressing firmly together.
  9. Option to press opposite foot into upper arm, creating a standing half pigeon pose.  This creates a stretch in the opposite buttocks.   This is also prep for grasshopper pose.

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