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Detoxifying Foods to Add to your Diet

No need for crazy juice cleanse, or anything like that.  This is not a Detox Diet.  I’m talking about foods that you should work into your diet daily!  The founder of California organic food and juice company Urban Remedy and author of Urban Remedy: The 4-Day Home Cleanse Retreat says there are plenty of naturally detoxifying foods you can easily add to your plate. “These should be staples of your diet, not foods you take time off from processed ones to eat,” she says.  A diet full of nutritious detoxifying foods will help you eat clean!

Detoxifying foods support your liver with react to fat-soluble toxins, and help excrete those toxins from the body.  Nutrients like vitamin C, beta carotene, and fiber are all essential for getting those processes to work correctly.

  1. Dandelion – greens or coffee/tea, improves liver function
  2. Burdock root – fresh, in juice, or grated into salad, great for your skin (#whatisburdockroot?)
  3. Turmeric – as a spice in dishes or added to smoothies/juice, great anti-inflammatory
  4. Beet juice – helps to support the liver and gall bladder, and even relieve constipation
  5. Lemon – helps to alkalize your body, helps to convert toxins into water soluble form & stimulate the liver
  6. Cucumber – helps your body absorb nutrients in the intestines
  7. Celery – Lower acidity in the body and inflammation
  8. Dark leafy greens – contains chlorophyll, which binds to heavy metals and helps to extract them from the body
  9. Apples – Contain fiber and pectin that can bind to heavy metals
  10. Carrot – contains beta carotene
  11. Garlic – high in sulfur and helps stimulate the liver
  12. Avocado – rich in glutathione, an antioxidant that’s essential to healthy liver function
  13. Asparagus – natural diuretic to flush out your system

Now, let’s see how many of these we can get into our day!  I see some delicious soups coming up in the future…


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