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Two Ways to Kill a Weed

There are two ways to kill a weed.

  1. You can pull it out by its roots.  This is equivalent to understanding the origin of the pattern and correcting the cause to present the effect.  Or,
  2. You can deprive the weed of nutrients until it eventually dies.  This is comparable to knowing the effect of a pattern without understanding the cause.  Eventually the new reaction will become your pattern because you didn’t reinforce the old pattern by reacting to the stimulus as you did previously in the past.

Do you know what the weeds are in your life? Sometimes the hardest part of killing a weed is identifying it first.  Weeds have a way of sneaking up in your perfectly pruned garden of life and making themselves a home. Sometimes they can even present themselves as a beautiful flower or fruit, something of use, but secretly under ground they are spreading their seed.  Before you know that they are a weed, they have poisoned your garden. According to, here’s the definition of a weed: weed Weeds are valueless plants, that are growing wild, on your cultivated ground, causing injury of the desired crop. the fuck.  Don’t let this happen.  Weeds are undesirable and troublesome plants, that grow profusely where it is not wanted.  the hell. let’s rip those suckers out. The first step is identifying that weed or those weeds in your life then deciding if you’re garden would be better off without it.  A weed in your garden can be a person, or it can be a something else that is truly dragging you down.  Maybe it’s a job that you’re not fit for?  This can be very difficult for people because sometimes weeds are comfortable. We can hide in weeds.  The problem with weeds is that they prevent the sun from getting to our own roots, they suck the nutrients away from our own roots.  They deprive us of our own life force.   Remember, they are valueless, troublesome, and cause injury of the desired crop.

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