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Your Yoga Body

I was reading a post from one of my favorite authors, Shira Atkins, on

She shares photos and short quotes from the subjects of the photos about why they started doing yoga.  The photos are beautiful, people of all shapes and sizes.

“These incredible yogis of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds celebrate the essence of yoga and the joy of being in the skin they’re in.”

The article with the photos is here: 34 Stunning Photos That Dispel the “Yoga Body” Myth.

What amazes me is the different paths that people have taken to find themselves on the mat. Whether it was recovering from a sports injury, to cancer, to a traumatic accident that left them with limited motor skills.  Although people have come from different backgrounds, and have taken different paths– I do see a  trend in people finding balance on the mat.

My path to yoga has been somewhat similar.  I am still searching for balance everyday, but through my time on the mat I can find myself getting closer.  Some days I can find balance easily, but some days I fight with myself to even get on the mat.

In the end, we’re all fighting for something.  Whether it’s for balance, peace, wellness, or a “yoga booty” as one of the subjects in the article stated.  The question is– is what you’re fighting for, worth fighting for?

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