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Music for your Meditation

In my previous post, Meditation for Fidgety Soul, I spoke about what types of meditation pair well with music.  Similar to what types of cheese pair well with a nice Merlot? We talked about Intention-base Meditation and Energized Body-Mind Meditation being the best type of practice to practice to music.  When you’re focusing on a future desired state or energized after an amazing yoga flow.

Charlie Knoles, our meditation expert, reminds us that we must also set an intention when we are practicing.  He also reminds us that the goal of our practice is to get so clear on what you want that it absolutely has to happen.  You need to be very calm, but also very focused.

I can relate this feeling to my Warrior II, Virabhadra II, pose on the yoga mat.  There is typically a fire burning in my legs as they press into the mat in opposite directions.  My shoulders are stacked above my hips and my breath tries to quicken as I sink deeper into my lunge.  The calmness comes in your shoulders and your outstretched arms, your chest should be lifted and lung expanding for full breaths.  Your gaze, or drishti, is on the fingertips of your hand that is reaching forwards.  Calmness and focus in your upper body and fire in your lower body.

What type of music should I listen to?

Charlie Knoles recommends music that is slow, instrumental and calming.  I am a fan of music that has an underlying humming and strong down beat that is relatively predictable.

Katie Silcox has a CD that’s available on iTunes that is fulling of chanting.  It is called Mantra Unlocked:

“The chants are prayers set to a tempo that will keep the body and breath moving in waves of equanimity and devotion, whether you are practicing yoga, meditating, dancing or just laying around like a lounging tigress. Each track has the actual sound of breath, so as to keep the listener in the healing entrainment of even inhale and exhale. This album is an essential for any healer, yoga teacher, or any human being that wants to heal their heart and empower their life.”

I’m a big fan of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9), which is 5 piece instrumental band whose sound is based heavily on instrumental rock and electronic music, funk, jazz, drum and bass, psychedelia, and hip hop, originating in Georgia, USA.   And, Bombay Dub Orchestra, which is an electronica/orchestral project of composers Garry Hughes and Andrew T. Mackay.

Truly, you can listen to whatever music you’re in the mood for!  It just gives you a little something to focus on while you get past the first few moments of my-cheek-is-asleep-whats-that-on-my-nose.

Some people swear by mantras… what’s a mantra?  Heck, what’s not a mantra?


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