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Meditation for Fidgety Souls

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m your typical fidgety-ouch-my-cheek-is-asleep-whats-that-on-my-nose kinda mediator.  It wasn’t until I went to yoga festival in Southern Virginia and met Katie Silcox that I decided to really focus on my practice.  After the yoga festival, I started following Katie’s blog and read her book, Happy, Healthy, Sexy.  Which I truly recommend.

“My goal is to help you live the juiciest, most passionate, balanced, love-filled, purpose-driven life possible by teaching you to use the most time-tested, enduring tools and techniques known to humankind – simply and easily.” – Katie Silcox

My problem was that I was set on the stereotypical depiction of meditation– a yogi in a remote cave, Zen monks sitting silently for hours.  But, what I learned was that for certain people, and for certain types of meditations, music can be an incredibly powerful tool.  It all depends on what meditative stat you seek.

According to meditation expert, Charlie Knoles, there are four types of meditation practice.

1. Present Moment Awareness: bring your attention to the present moment.  There is no awareness of past or future, just what is happening now.  This is a common technique for Zen, Vipassana, and mindfulness.

2. Intention-based Meditation: bring your attention to a future desired state.  This experience is common to hypnosis, creative visualization, prayer, and manifestation.

3. Energized Body-mind Meditation: You’re body is energized, you’re heart is beating, you’re doing things, but at the same time your mind is completely calm.  You are operating at peak capacity in a perfect state of flow.  This is the experience of peak performance states, runner’s high, kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga.

4. Transcendence: In this state you go beyond the intellect and ego, losing sense of time and self but gaining sense of universality.

Adding music to your practice can be highly effective for Intentional-based Meditation and Energized Body-Mind Meditation.  It can be distracting for Present Moment Awareness or Transcendence meditation.

Here’s a great beginning video on meditation if you’re just starting out from Charlie:

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