Month: June 2015

Meditation for Fidgety Souls

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m your typical fidgety-ouch-my-cheek-is-asleep-whats-that-on-my-nose kinda mediator.  It wasn’t until I went to yoga festival in Southern Virginia and met Katie Silcox that I decided to really focus on my practice.  After the yoga festival, I started following Katie’s blog and read her book, Happy, Healthy, Sexy.  Which I truly recommend. “My goal is to help you live the juiciest, most passionate, balanced, love-filled, purpose-driven life possible by teaching you to use the most time-tested, enduring tools and techniques known to humankind – simply and easily.” – Katie Silcox My problem was that I was set on the stereotypical depiction of meditation– a yogi in a remote cave, Zen monks sitting silently for hours.  But, what I learned was that for certain people, and for certain types of meditations, music can be an incredibly powerful tool.  It all depends on what meditative stat you seek.

Advocare Meal Replacement Shake

I’ve gotten a few messages about the protein drink that I’ve added to my routine that I mentioned in my recent update to my What’s in the Kitchen page. I’ve been making a shake with an advocare meal replacement, 1 banana, a scoop of almond butter, and water!  The advocare meal replacement itself contains 24g of protein, with the additional of the scoop of almond butter, I can add another 7ish g of protein.  The meal replacement does not contain very much fat, only 3 g, which is also why I like to add the nut butter.  Mama needs her fats! Check out for more information on their other supplement lines! Happy blending!